It’s been a great year for Bees. - Jan 21, 2018

Harvesting the honey!

My father came out to help me Harvest the beehive today. He was wearing ladies sunglasses that he found somewhere.

He had two cataracts removed recently and the glasses have helped with the glare.

I asked my son Dan to come and take my photo with the Bees.
“Where is my Bee suit?” he inquired. “Dan when I was your age I used to open the Bee hive wearing a tee shirt and shorts”. He has heard this story before. It’s true but times were different then.
“I’m thinking about leaving your suit unzipped” Dan shoots back. He takes one photo of me in the Bee suit before disappearing inside.

Last time we harvested the Bee hive Dan climbed a tree so he could watch. The Bees found him in about 5 minutes and he got stung several times. The bees were beautiful today. They were happy to share the harvest without protest. If you treat them with love they don’t get too upset.We got 25 jars of honey. Dan will be spreading it on his Weetbix tomorrow morning. I like a tea spoon in my cup of tea. 

Macarthur Bee Keepers will be coming to our nursery in March if you’re interested in keeping Bees. I’ll give you the date next week.

Stay cool, happy gardening