What’s the sweetest variety? - Jan 17, 2018

Grow your own sweet Mangoes!

Dear gardening friends

If you love Mangoes like my son Dan, then you will be interested to learn that Mango trees actually grow in Macarthur. I took this photo of a Mango tree growing in Ingleburn that was covered in fruit last February.

I’ve seen some beautiful trees growing in Raby, Claymore, Glenalpine and Minto too.
There is even a nice small tree growing in the gardens at The Campbelltown Catholic Club. One of the gardeners must have planted it about 10 years ago.

Mango trees in the tropics grow into enormous trees but in Macarthur they will be lucky to grow 5 metres high in 20 years. Our long winter stops them from growing so big. I often get asked if we sell Dwarf Mango trees, but there is no need for a dwarf tree when you live in our cooler climate. If you live in Queensland then the dwarf option would be a great idea.

There is much confusion about which variety is the sweetest. Of course we have all been caught out buying those huge Mangoes from Woolies that have no taste at all. The sweetest Mango by far is the Bowen Mango. Now here is where the trouble starts. Bowen Mangoes are the same variety as Kensington Pride. So if you buy either of these Mangoes you can’t go wrong. We actually sell both of these.

If you grow a Mango tree in your garden then the fruit will still be green at this time of year. The fruit won’t ripen until March/April. They grow twice the size as the Bowen Mangos you’ve been buying in the shops. The Mango farms pick them green.
Our fruit ripen later because it’s not so warm here.

Mango trees in Macarthur grow about 5 metres high by 5 metres wide in 20 years. They have lovely glossy green leaves with fresh pink new growth. They make a lovely shade tree in your garden.

They love a warm spot, so if you live in a low lying area then the frost will probably kill it. I can’t grow Mangoes where I live.
But if you live on a hill or if your in a built up area then the global warming effect of concrete, bricks and roof tiles creates a warmer micro climate that allows tropical fruit trees to grow.

They grow better if you plant them in a western or northern facing position.
Plant your tree on a mound of IGC Planting Compost improved soil. They hate wet feet in winter so if you just dig a hole in the clay and plant your Mango tree it will probably perish in winter.

Dig a nice wide hole. Put the soil to the side. Tip a bag or two of IGC Planting Compost on top of this and mix it together.
Now back fill the hole. All the soil won’t fit back in the hole. Mound it up. Now dig your hole and plant your Mango tree. Water daily for at least 4 weeks. Mulch around the base with Sugar Cane or Woodchip. Never fertilise newly planted trees or they will die.

The IGC Planting Compost A’s everything in it to make your Mango tree thrive. It’s great for Citrus trees too.

We have advanced Bowen Mango trees in the nursery for just $39.99. We have grafted Kensington Pride Mangoes for $48.99. These trees will probably fruit next year. Within 5 years you’ll be giving Mangoes away. You will get a 5% Discount credit if you join our Tim’s Garden Club.

When your Mango tree comes into flower come and see us. We have discovered that if you spray your tree with a Fungicide when it’s in flower you get 100% more fruit.

The best time to plant a Mango tree is when it’s hot. They love the heat and this is when they grow the fastest. If you are worried about your tree surviving the first winter cover it with plastic to keep it warm.
Once they get established they can protect themselves.

Next spring fertilise your Mango tree with Citrus food. This balanced fertiliser helps your tree to produce more flowers and fruit.

We have a large selection of tropical fruit trees including Guavas, Avocados etc.

Happy gardening