Plants are back in fashion for Christmas! - Dec 01, 2017

Will your house smell like Christmas?

Dear gardening friends
It’s been a busy week. Macarthur looks greener now but don’t be fooled, the soil is still bone dry. I’ve been seeing so many customers with plants that are dying due to lack of water. Huge Conifer hedges are turning yellow, then brown as the ground dries out. Solution? Wettasoil these gardens, apply a thick layer of mulch and start watering.

Word has got out on the Facebook grapevine about our Frangipani selection. When you have 30 varieties, some of them new and rare, collectors are coming from all over Sydney. The red flowering varieties are always the most popular. “Black Jack” is walking out the door!

Bob Bunting came back yesterday. Bob’s a Fanatical Frangipani Collector. He has 169 plants in his collection now. He noticed one of our advanced Frangipani trees up the back had a split trunk so he came back to fix it. Such a nice bloke.

Fresh cut Christmas trees arrive tomorrow morning. We will have 100 to choose from. If you want a big tree come early because these always sell out fast. Fresh cut Christmas trees don’t just look great, they also make your house smell like Christmas.
A fake tinsel tree just can’t do that!

Our Christmas tree farmer says his trees have never looked better. It’s been a great growing season in The Southern Highlands.
In truth, these trees have taken 3 years to grow so we’ve had several good growing seasons.

If you treat your tree like a big bunch of flowers it will still be green and lush on Christmas Day. See our free Christmas tree care leaflet at the counter. It will ensure you have success. Bring an old sheet so we can wrap up your tree and keep your car clean. Trees cost $65.00. We have Christmas tree stands too. Trees are available almost everyday leading up to Christmas.

We have a beautiful selection of Bonsai for Christmas. These miniature plants are best given to green thumb gardeners because they need daily watering in summer. They are outdoor plants that are often used as indoor plants and this is why they drop dead. Grow them outside in a spot that’s protected from the hot afternoon sun and water daily in the warmer months. They bring so much joy. We gift wrap for free!

Plants are back in fashion for gifts. They don’t just look great, they have healing powers that help prevent mental illness and they clean the air and remove dangerous toxins. The more plants you have in your life the happier you will be. If you buy a small plant and a pot, we will repot it for you using Tim’s Best Potting Mix for free. This value adds to your gift and makes it look so much more expensive. You will win more brownie points. Plants are great office gifts.
Talk to our staff about the easiest varieties to grow. Not all plants are the same.

I’ve had complete strangers wanting to talk to me about Don Burke. Don did so much for horticulture and now it’s unravelling.
It’s a shame. Everyone has a Don Burke story. I’ve got a few too.

Potted colour is flying out the door this week. Lisa has been busy finding the best Petunias etc so that gardeners can transform their gardens quickly with a splash of colour. 4 for $12.00 they are great value.

Our $50.00 Christmas Gift Vouchers are available now. These are always popular. Not redeemable until after Christmas. Buy one for a friend or buy one for yourself. They are great value and perfect for the fussy gardener.

Come and see us for Christmas Colour
Happy gardening