Merry Christmas Gardening Friends - Dec 23, 2016

Dear Gardening Friends,

We are open tomorrow till 4 pm so if you haven't finished your Christmas shopping come and see us. Pig has selected some simple gift ideas that will make most people happy.We still have our famous $50.00 Tim's Gift Cards for only $40.00 for fussy friends.
We have beautiful flowering plants here that we are happy to pot into small ceramic pots for free.
We have cards and free gift wrapping too!

Our hanging baskets are looking sensational for Christmas. We planted these up just a few weeks ago using Tim's Best Potting mix. These Calibrachoas really are amazing. This variety is called Callie Pink and we have them in the nursery for just $16.99. You only need one plant per pot or hanging basket. They can be grown in the garden too but they seem to grow much better in pots. Our baskets are watered via a drip irrigation system that has been installed in the gutter.
It's hooked up to a tap timer that comes on for 5 minutes every 2nd day. We use Yates Tuscan series self watering baskets and they are the best.

You probably know by now that I love Euphorbias. These drought hardy plants flower non stop in pots and gardens during the warmer months. We have two new varieties that have cute little red or white flowers. They would make perfect Christmas gifts and they only cost $12.99. They are perfect in pots in sunny spots. Even Brown Thumb gardeners will have success with these. You could plant a red and a white flowering variety in the one pot for a Christmassy effect. Come see.

I spoke to you last week about how my home grown tomatoes were getting eaten by a King parrot. Well my feathered friend is now bringing his friends along too. There were 3 King Parrots this morning eating my tomatoes. They like the Tim's Fruit Fly Resistant variety the best. I was trying to take their photo this morning but they flew away. Then I looked up and noticed at least 6 white Cockatoos sitting in my Almond tree eating all the nuts. I had to smile, we go to so much trouble to grow things and then nature turns up!

Campbelltown Council is having great success growing this little ground cover plant called ' Little Ruby". It has beautiful red foliage and it makes a beautiful border. It seems to be very hardy because its growing in the planter boxes in Queen Street and they don't get watered all that often. We have nice plants for just $8.99. The red foliage contrasts beautifully with yellow leaf plants like Golden Duranta.

Purple Fountain Grass is another purple coloured plant that is really worth growing. We have a couple of beauties growing in our front garden. I love how the feathery flowers dance in the wind as the cars woosh past! This variety can grow up to 1.5 metres high.
We also have the Dwarf Purple Fountain Grass and this is more suitable for smaller gardens. We have nice plants of both varieties for just $15.99. Cut them off at ground level every September for amazing fresh new spring growth.

If you are a Currie Eater then perhaps you would like to have a fresh supply of Curry leaves? We have Curry Trees in the nursery. This fast growing tree can be grown in a pot or planted in your garden. It can be pruned to any size and it has lovely bright green leaves and white flowers. We often get asked for this tree but they are hard to find in nurseries. We have about 20 plants so tell your friends. Plants cost $29.99. See Lisa in the Seedling area for more info.

Last year we made Santa laugh when we turned up at Narellan Town Centre to get Pig's photo taken. I haven't had time this year to do Santa photos but could i ever get another photo like this? I hope it maqkes you laugh too!
WE are closed Christmas Day , Boxing Day and the following day. We are calling this day "Fishing Day". We have had a busy Spring and Christmas so we are all exhausted. Thanks for your support this year and we hope to be able to solve your gardening problems next year too.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas
Tim and Staff.