Time to plant Christmas colour! - Nov 13, 2015

Dear Gardening Friends,

I just can't stop looking at all the beautiful Jacaranda trees flowering throughout the Macarthur District. The cloudy weather has made the flowers look darker so they stand out even more on the hills.

I am particularly impressed with the gardens on either side of the Campbelltown exit off The Hume Highway. Campbelltown Council has done an amazing job here with the plant selection. Jacarandas, Illawarra Flame Trees, Golden Rain trees, Oleanders and Blue flowering Plumbago all combine for a fantastic floral display.

Jacaranda and Illawarra Flame trees look amazing planted side by side. The red and the mauve just pop! These trees are surviving here on rainfall only, so they are very tough once established. We have these trees in stock . They could be planted as street trees.

In the next couple of weeks you will suddenly realise that your relatives are coming to your place for Christmas. We have plenty of flowering plants down here that could quickly transform your garden into a floral garden of Eden. It is better not to wait until the weekend before they come though.

If you plant Petunias in pots on sunny patios they will be covered in flowers on Christmas Day. Potted colour needs to be watered daily for the first 10 days just to get the roots established.

It's time to fertilise your lawn again. Use Tim's Rapid Results now and you will have a beautiful bright green lawn for Xmas.

This fertiliser is safe for all types of grass including Soft leaf Buffalo. Simply throw it out and water it in. It can't burn your lawn.
A bag costs $23.99 or buy 2 for $40 and save.

We have had so many customers wanting mini roses and patio roses. These are the smaller growing and smaller flowering roses bushes that can be grown in pots. We now have over 100 to choose from. You need to use Tim's Best Potting Mix and don't put them under verandas or they will get attacked by Two Spotted Mites. These tiny insects sit under the leaves and suck out the nutrients. Chainstore bought roses often have infestations of Mites because their plants are often under cover.

Spray your roses with Yates Rose Gun to prevent this disease. This spray controls just about every pest and disease that attacks roses so keep some on hand. We use this product in our nursery and it works.

You may remember that my son is growing Watermelons in our garden. He has also planted Pumpkins and Sweet corn. He has had great success growing these plants from seed.

He gave them a feed last week with our Tim's Fast Food and they have taken off!
You can still plant these if you want to get your kids gardening too.
We have had a couple of staff leave recently so you might see some new faces in our nursery next time you visit. Mel has replaced Monica on the cash register. Mel is a qualified horticulturist and worked in a propagation nursery for many years. She can strike plants from a cutting with her eyes closed so ask her for advice. Monica and her husband have moved to Wellington to run a cafe and we wish them success!
Jole has joined our team as a first year apprentice. He already has a love of plants with over 300 Cacti in his collection. He knows all their botanical names so if you love Cacti come and talk to Jole. He is a bit rusty on other plants but he's keen to learn. We grow people and plants here at Tim's.

Pig has got all dressed up today as he's expecting a visit from the Royal Family.
Pig really is Who's Who of Campbelltown.

Happy Gardening