Make your panties smell fresh! - Jun 10, 2008

Before you put your washing in the clothes dryer think how much energy you can save if you hang it outside instead. You will  save money because dryers use an enormous amount of energy. You will also help save the environment and your clothes will smell fresher and last longer too. Wet clothes absorb the fragrances in your garden so if you plant perfumed shrubs near your clothes line even your undies will smell good.

Some of the most fragrant shrubs in the world are available in your garden centre now. Gardenia’s are one of the easiest plants to grow .They have handsome glossy green leaves all year round and the white flowers smell devine. We have had one in a pot for 20 years and it still looks sensational.There are many varieties available but the best is Gardenia florida. It only grows about one metre high and stays nice and bushy.

Daphnes are flowering now and these grow best in a morning sun , afternoon shade position.They are more reliable when grown in pots so don’t give up if you have killed one before.

Osmanthus is my favourite fragrant plant because it’s almost death proof and it thrives in full hot sun or part shade.It can be pruned to any size or let it grow naturally to 3 metres high.The tiny white flowers have the most amazing ripe apricot perfume that will even make your husbands socks smell nice.

 Plant Lavender plants close enough to your washing so the towels and sheets brush by them in the wind. This will release the Lavender oils onto your washing for an extra sensory experience.Lavender shrubs must be pruned twice a year by 20% or they turn into woody monsters.

Tim Pickles is a Horticulturist, a CNP,and a director of Tim’s Garden Centre 2 Queen St Campbelltown 46267022.