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    Tim's Garden Centre is a local business which runs in the heart of Campbelltown. Tim’s Garden Centre has 5 qualified horticulturists and most have over 20 years experience in the nursery industry. They know how to fix sick plants and they will give you advice on the safest products to use so you don’t poison your family. Tim’s staff are (CNP’s) Certified Nursery Professionals so the staff are kept up to date with the safest products that control pests but are earth friendly.

Tims Recent Articles

  • Jacarandas in bloom - Nov 9, 2018

    Pom Pom plant proves popular! Dear gardening friendsJacarandas are in bloom around Macarthur.The photo above was taken in Johannesburg in South Africa. Apparently Jacarandas arrived just after gold was discovered. As the City expanded Jacaranda trees were planted as street trees. The trees provide shade from the hot sun and they bloom like this every Novem...

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  • Grow a Mango tree! - Nov 2, 2018

    The “Relatives" are coming! Dear gardening friends There’s only seven weeks till Christmas, so that means it’s time to get planting, if you want your garden to be full of flowers on Christmas Day! Hydrangeas arrived yesterday.These old world, shade loving plants, have the most spectacular flowers. We’ve got Lace Cap and traditional varieties.The on...

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  • Plant Christmas colour now! - Oct 26, 2018

    We can fix your bald patch! Dear gardening friendsWhat a transformation!You can water your garden every day, but it can’t compete with rain. I’ve noticed that some plants that flowered in early spring, like May Bushes, are coming into bloom again. The conditions are that good. If you’ve been thinking about planting trees or shrubs, stop thinking. It’s ti...

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  • Time to feed roses - Oct 19, 2018

    "Dark Desire” doesn’t disappoint I can’t believe how quickly gardens have responded to this beautiful rain. We’ve got Camellias here at the nursery that have dropped all their leaves and then these have been replaced with fresh new growth almost overnight. You will notice that your Camellias at home will be covered in fresh new growth too. We’ve also noticed that our potted...

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  • What’s the best Rose ever? - Oct 12, 2018

    There’s never been a better time to plant! We were all a bit tired yesterday afternoon. Hayden’s was cranky pants all day, but then Peter the Greek turned up and cheered us all up.If you were going to get a blood transfusion you’d choose this guys blood.Everything’s beautiful, according to Peter.He speaks like Con the fruitier, so you start to smile even before he...

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