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    Tim's Garden Centre is a local business which runs in the heart of Campbelltown. Tim’s Garden Centre has 5 qualified horticulturists and most have over 20 years experience in the nursery industry. They know how to fix sick plants and they will give you advice on the safest products to use so you don’t poison your family. Tim’s staff are (CNP’s) Certified Nursery Professionals so the staff are kept up to date with the safest products that control pests but are earth friendly.

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  • Trump considers planting hedge instead of building wall. - Jan 10, 2019

    I found the Avatar tree! You know I’m a tree lover.Last week I went to The Oaks Hotel in Neutral Bay for a family get together.This Hotel has become famous for its giant Oak Tree in the beer garden. This English Oak tree was planted in 1938 by Kathleen McGill. The seedling came from Anthony Horden’s Department Store in the city. Every customer who spent 10 p...

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  • Last minute Christmas Gifts. - Dec 21, 2018

    Merry Christmas from Pig and Crew. Dear Gardening FriendsThanks for reading our newsletter.I hope we are teaching you to become better gardeners, while we have some fun. Pig floated back just in time for Christmas. Shreks happy, The Swamp is back baby! If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet, don’t panic. You can get your last minute Christmas Gifts ...

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  • A green lawn for Christmas? - Dec 14, 2018

    Give someone a fragrant floral gift! Dear gardening friendsI was listening to a lady complaining during the week about her NSW Christmas Bush.She planted it 10 years ago and it finally flowered for Christmas but the bells are pink, not red. She wasn’t happy.Turns out she bought a seedling grown plant, that’s why it took so long to flower and that’s why flower colo...

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  • $50 Christmas Gift Cards only $40.00. - Dec 7, 2018

    Indoor plants make great Christmas Gifts. Ken Goatham did our Christmas tree delivery. He turned up 6 minutes late he told me. Ken’s been helping Robbie deliver his trees for 15 years. His wife grew up in Wingello and wanted to go back home so Ken bought a farm to keep her happy. He’s one of those hard working farmers. He didn’t sweat half as much as me and Kens 70. “As long as you...

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  • Fresh Cut Christmas Trees - Nov 30, 2018

    Dear gardening friends I was so happy this week when we got 75mm of rain. The plants loved it, and so did our local farmers. We notice in the nursery that our plants respond to rain so quickly with lush new growth. I’m sure your plants do too. Fresh Cut Christmas Trees are arriving this Saturday and Sunday. We get 100 both days, so you’ll have heaps to choose from.Our t...

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