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    Tim's Garden Centre is a local business which runs in the heart of Campbelltown. Tim’s Garden Centre has 5 qualified horticulturists and most have over 20 years experience in the nursery industry. They know how to fix sick plants and they will give you advice on the safest products to use so you don’t poison your family. Tim’s staff are (CNP’s) Certified Nursery Professionals so the staff are kept up to date with the safest products that control pests but are earth friendly.

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  • It’s time to plant Broccoli. - Mar 15, 2018

    Moth Orchids are easy to grow! Dear gardening friendsIt’s time to grow Broccoli.If you didn’t have success in summer growing vegetables, don’t give up. It’s much easier to grow home grown veggies in the cooler months. Broccoli is one of the easiest vegetables to grow. It’s full of antioxidants that will make you live longer. Prepare your garden fir...

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  • 25% off Frangipanis! - Mar 9, 2018

    Does your poo stink? Dear gardening friends We raised over $1,600.00 for THE AFRICAN AIDS FOUNDATION. Doctor John Schwarz was happy to accept our cheque on Sunday. A big thanks to all our Tim’s Garden Club Members who bought one of Arthur’s Big Greek Tomatoes. Your $5.00 went directly to this great cause. THE AFRICAN AIDS FOUNDATION exists to raise much needed funds to supp...

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  • Autumn is a great time to garden! - Mar 2, 2018

    Home grown vegetables taste better! Dear gardening friends Summer is gone!Your garden will be happy to say goodbye to summer and hello to autumn. Your garden is in repair, and regrow mode, after one of the hottest and driest summers on record. It’s amazing how quickly plants can recover from a drought once it rains. I’ve noticed heat damaged plants are sprouti...

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  • Our plants never die? - Feb 22, 2018

    Why do our plants grow better? Dear gardening friendsFinally we had some rain last week to make our plants happy. It’s not enough, but I’ve got a theory, that rain attracts more rain.Before we had this rain the clouds would come over but no rain fell. The dry ground repelled the clouds. More rain is forecast, so I hope my theory is correct. It could be a massive...

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  • Pig wins gold!!!!! - Feb 16, 2018

    Why don’t your Citrus trees grow? Dear gardening friendsIt might be hot and dry but plants still grow with a little H2O. I was putting the pig sign out during the week and I suddenly realised how good our garden still looks despite the heat. The secret to great gardens, is great soil, and over the years, Karyn has dug so much Cow Manure and Planting Compost into the soil. The S...

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